Learning To Travel As An Insider

Learning to travel as an Insider

In this article, we will explain how anyone can travel at a fraction of the regular price, enjoy perks, benefits and upgrades like you’ve never experienced before, travel tax-deductible anywhere in the world, and even get paid when you travel.

What does it mean to travel as an “insider”? Well, for decades, the travel industry has depended on travel agents to book all travel. Then, in the mid-1990s, two things happened that forever changed the way people book travel. Number one, the airlines stopped paying commissions to agencies. This impacted them greatly since airline commissions were very important to their income stream. At about the same time, the first Internet booking engines like Travelocity came into existence. Over the years as the Internet sites got more user-friendly and offered better prices, less people went to the full service agency.

There are companies that take advantage of this trend in the industry providing you your very own online booking engine. The only difference between yours and the other sites is that you keep the commissions. When you, your friends or business associates book travel on your personalized website, you get 60 or $1,000). You are left with $2,000 in your pocket and the good memories. Which way would you rather travel, as an employee or a travel business owner?

In addition to the travel being tax deductible (consult with your tax advisor), you may have other business expenses such as cell phones, internet connection, car expenses, cameras, etc. As long as you treat this business as a real business by documenting your business activities and expenses, you may have additional tax benefits (check with your tax advisor).

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Rail Travel In Europe On A Luxury Travel Vacation

One new popular way to explore Europe on luxury vacations is by rail. This travel trend is growing in leaps and bounds. With the emergence of the European Train Network, trains are becoming the preferred mode of travel. Often chosen over air travel, trains are a great option for those interested in seeing multiple cities or countries in just one vacation.

The European Train Network

Trains are a convenient mode of short, medium and long distance travel across Europe. Western and central Europe has a dense and widely used railway network spanning the entire continent. With over twenty countries and five-hundred cities, this rail network can literally supply eager luxury world cruise travelers with a comprehensive view of Europe’s interior. Trains on the network are also great for short jaunts around your country of choice. These European trains are fast, reliable and depart and arrive approximately every half hour. With the European Train Network, travelers of can travel to capital cities and charming, forgotten towns. Get a great deal on your luxury world cruise by going to http://www.amtcruises.com.

Trains Versus Flying

Travelers on luxury vacations are out to consider trains as an alternative to flying. Trains have more spacious and comfortable interiors than most airplanes, offering you a more comfortable way to travel. Trains in Europe will allow you to take advantage of scenic routes and allow you a new way to experience the beautiful countryside. You will also avoid the long waits in security at airports. The railway stations are usually located in or very close to the center of the city, whereas airports can be up to 100 km away from the city’s center. Trains have more of a romantic feel than airplanes. Train tickets that are booked in advance are also a bit cheaper. The developing train technology makes the train usually the same speed as airplanes, especially when you calculated the needed time to check in early and go through security. Plus, if you miss the train, you can take another one in about thirty minutes. For help with your next luxury vacation visit http://www.amtvacations.com/american-express-vacations.html.

With so many great reasons to go, European train travel has become a leading way to explore the interior of Europe for travelers on a luxury travel vacation. Besides the air of romantic hype that has developed around rail travel, it has simply become extremely practical. New technologies have evolved into an extensive European Train Network, which offers stops in most European countries and hundreds of cities. Train travel has become preferable to air travel because of the better availability, the better location stops, the speed and the price. Experience the joys of European train travel. Learn more about the benefits of planning your next luxury travel vacation with AMT American Express Travel by visiting

Travel Insurance – Gap Year And Backpacker Travel

There are many hazards and dangers that gappers can encounter if they don’t do their homework and plenty of research before setting off. Many of us wish we could blaze a trail across new frontiers, but the reality is that someone has already been there, done that, and got the tee shirt. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to network with those who’ve gone before you and take advantage of their knowledge.

Perhaps one of the most important tips is to thoroughly check out any company before paying money up front! Many of these companies may profess to be experts who can set up a complete overseas volunteering package for you. Some companies are legitimate, but others may not be. No matter how intrepid you think you are, you wouldn’t really want to find yourself stuck in the jungle surrounded by malaria-ridden mosquitoes without a reliable lifeline or helping hand back to civilization. Would you?

I’ve researched and written blogs and articles about this subject in the past and the bottom line seems to be ‘get the facts and then double check them, and then check again.’ For many young people it will be their first time away from home alone – so having reliable and solid support is vital.

Gap Year travel has become the norm, and almost expected of any self-respecting student. However, it’s not just students taking that year out these days. Many choose to take a gap year as a career-break, perhaps while switching careers mid life. Mature travellers have the time and money to set off on adventures and make up for what they missed out on when younger. No matter what age or what your plans are, the Internet is sure to play a big part in planning your gap year. It’s a tremendous resource.

Taking a gap year wasn’t always an option unless you came from a very wealthy family. Going back a few centuries, the young upper classes went on the Grand Tour of Europe as a rite of passage and part of their education. They were the first gap year travellers, but they were the privileged few. Our handsome princes, William and Harry, did their gap year volunteering and weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. I think we’d all agree they have turned into terrific young men.

A gap year could encompass volunteering in an overseas work program. Other options might include working in a ski resort or dude ranch, an exchange program, a language course or other course of study, or just taking off on a backpacking Odyssey. Whichever you choose, it’s sure to be an eye-opening and character building look at other cultures. A large percentage of the volunteering opportunities will be in African countries, but there’s a need for volunteers in many other parts of the world. Other popular destinations for gappers and backpackers include Peru, USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South America and Chile.

Planning well ahead is essential, especially to ensure you get all the vaccinations you’ll need for the countries you plan to visit. Make sure your passport has plenty of time left on it and apply for all the necessary visas. As you’ll need to book long-haul flights in advance it’s also important to purchase the right type of travel insurance – as well as coverage for any planned sporting activities.

Using the internet social networking sites makes it easy for travellers to stay in touch with family and loved ones and share experiences and photos online. I know it’s not as fast as shooting an email through cyberspace but, personally, I still think it’s nice to receive postcards from foreign places with the colourful native stamps. People don’t have time for snail mail these days.

There doesn’t seem to be a downside to taking a gap year. The best advice is to use the internet to research your destinations and arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible. Read the reviews and tips provided by other travellers – they could help you avoid bad experiences – as well as share in the good ones. You can network with other travellers, find good value hostels and places to stay, get in on the best restaurant deals, and pick up useful backpacking tips.

I heard a good-natured gripe from a young woman who is off backpacking alone in Southeast Asia. She felt that she was just following the same route that thousands of others were on and her experiences were not worthwhile or special. Maybe she should stop worrying about being unique and just enjoy it and take advantage of the input and experiences of others. They learned their lessons the hard way so that she doesn’t have to!